Widgets - Tips & Tricks

Did you know . . .

…this page can be set as the first page you come to every time you log in?

There is a check box at the top of the page, on the left. It's titled "Set As Start Page". When this is selected, this page will be the first page you come to every time you log in to online banking. De-selecting this will take you to the original account listing when you log in.

…the icon that looks like a gear allows you to configure the content of the widget?

Some widgets have an icon on the top, right that looks like a blue Gear. Selecting this Gear icon allows you to customize the widget. You can change the date range, the quantity of data, or specify which account you would like displayed.

…you decide what widgets show on this page?

By selecting 'Configure This Page' link at the top of the page, you can set which widgets will show in each of the three columns, Left, Center, and Right.

…the icon that looks like an 'X' closes the widget from view?

Most widgets have an icon on the top, right that looks like a red 'X'. Selecting the 'X' icon will close the specific widget. You will be prompted to be sure that you want to remove the widget from view. If you ever want to view the widget again on this page, simply select the 'Configure This Page' link at the top of the page and add it back.

…you can set the order of any of the widgets?

By selecting 'Configure This Page' link at the top of the page, you can select which widgets to show as well as in what order. So, if Transfers are something you do a lot, you can move that to the top on the left column.

…each column (left, right, and center) can be fully configured?

This page is designed to allow you to configure not only which widgets are displayed, but in what order.

…that you can view statements and other information on this page in 'light boxes'?

While some clicks will take you to another page, many options within this page will display the information in what are called 'light boxes'. These boxes will open on the same page and contain controls to close them. Unlike traditional pop-up boxes, these boxes are unaffected by pop-up blockers.

…we're adding new widgets all the time?

As we expand the functionality of our application, we will continue to add new widgets with new information where it makes sense. Let us know if you have any ideas.

…your Alerts and Secure messages can be accessed from this page?

If you see an Alert or that you have a Secure Message, clicking on the link will display the details on this page.

…the "GoTo" widget is your own personal Favorites?

There is a widget called "GoTo". You can configure this widget to contain links to other pages within the application. This way, you can set and go directly to the pages you work with most often. This widget can be configured by selecting the blue Gear icon above the GoTo widget.

…you can make a transfer or download transactions right from this page?

We've added the Transfer widget to this page so you can make an immediate transfer of funds right from this page when you log in. Also, we added the transaction download functionality. Again, both of these functions can be performed from the first page you come to when you log in. Just indicate this as your start page by checking 'Set As Start Page' in the upper-left of the page.

…the Left column contains actionable widgets?

The Left column contains actionable widgets. From here you can create your own set of favorites (GoTo), make one-time, immediate Transfers, View Alerts and Secure Messages, and Download Transactions, just to name a few.

…the Center column contains just the information you want to see about your accounts?

The Center column can be configured to your liking to include a variety of widgets that will let you see, at a glance, activity related to your accounts. You can also set the order of these widgets, putting the most important information at the top.

…the Right column has FI-specific information

The Right column contains information related to us and information about you such as last login. You may see marketing ads and, of course, 'Did You Know' topics about this page.