Stronger Security

Where do I enter my password?

Stronger Security

To protect the privacy and the security of your personal information, we are improving the way you login to Decatur State Bank's online banking by adding a new security feature.

Previously, you logged into online banking using your Login ID and Password.

NOW, you'll also use a Login Image (we refer to as "Watermark") to help you to identify that you are on Decatur State Bank's Website, not a fraudulent look-a-like site.

Here is how it works:

  • First, you'll enter your Login ID and click the Submit button
  • If we recognize the computer you are using, your Login Watermark will be presented to you on the next page. Once you confirm your Login Watermark, you'll know you can safely enter your Password. If you don't recognize your Watermark, don't enter your Password.
  • If we do not recognize the computer you are using, we will ask you a Challenge Question to confirm your identity and determine if you would like us to recognize this computer in the future. If you correctly answer your Challenge Question, you can proceed with login.

NOTE: If you HAVE NOT created your Login Watermark, you will be prompted to do so the FIRST TIME you enter your Login ID and click the Submit button before entering your Password.

Click Here to view our Security Login User Guide