Extreme Makeover:
Online Banking Edition

We know that online services, particularly Online Banking, have become critical tools for managing your money. At Decatur State Bank we're always working to make sure that our online services are as reliable and feature-filled as possible. This past May we launched an Extreme Makeover to our Online Banking. In addition to numerous cosmetic improvements designed to help you use Online Banking better, we're also launching several new features with money saving opportunities. All this plus a new level of security!

The New Look of DSB Online Banking

Online Banking has received a makeover and the new look is pretty sleek! Don't worry about having to relearn a whole new interface. The same functionality you've always enjoyed is still there. This new look allows you to quickly find the account information you need so you can get back to what really matters. Show me more!

The NetTeller Experience

Online Banking unveiled its new "My NetTeller" tool which provides a one-stop shop for all of your account information. This new feature briefly highlights useful information such as balances, latest transactions, alerts, and much more. Find out more!

Online Banking Rewards

This program presents you with money-saving opportunities and cash incentives from your favorite retailers and merchants. It can also analyze your monthly bills and present money-saving alternatives. (Rest assured, we never share your personal information. This program is 100% secure just like the rest of your online banking account.) This great new feature is seamlessly delivered within your secure online banking session. Rewards will be presented on the transactions page next to all qualified transactions. Just click on the little green price tag whenever you see it.

There are two primary reward types:

  • Purchase Rewards: Provides money-saving discounts from the country's leading retailers - such as department stores, restaurants, specialty stores, etc.
  • Bill Analyzer: Allows you to do a personalized search and find money-saving recommendations on important monthly expenses such as your cell phone bill, TV service, gas fill-ups, etc.

For the Bill Shrink & Statement Rewards User Guide: Click Here

A New Level of Security

Long gone are the days of the simple Username-Password protection from online fraud. However, Decatur State Bank is dedicated to combatting online fraud by offering extra security measures that help to keep your bank information safe. We feel that all of our customers deserve the best security possible. We are proud to offer this easy-to-use method of advanced security that leaves your bank information safe and at your fingertips. Find out more!