A New Level of Security

Long gone are the days of the simple Username-Password protection from online fraud. However, Decatur State Bank is dedicated to combatting online fraud by offering extra security measures that help to keep your bank information safe. We feel that all of our customers deserve the best security possible. We are proud to offer this easy-to-use method of advanced security that leaves your bank information safe and at your fingertips.

Safe & Secure, Setting Up Your Profile

Our Online Banking has an extra layer of security that not only helps us recognize you, but also helps you recognize us. With it, you'll know that you're logging into our Online Banking site rather than a phony or look-a-like site whether you're logging in from home or from any computer with access to the Internet.

When you enter your Login ID for the first time while using our Online Banking and click the "LOG IN" button, we'll ask you to type your Password and then create a Security Profile to access Online Banking.

Enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication – New User Guide for Setup & Use Click here.

Safe & Secure, Each Time You Log In

Each time you log into Online Banking after setting up your profile, we'll attempt to recognize the computer and method you're using to log in. If we do, we'll display your Image (watermark); this is how you will recognize us. Once you verify your watermark, you can then enter your Password and have the peace of mind that you're logging into our authentic, trusted Decatur State Bank NetTeller Online Banking website.

If we don't recognize the computer you're using or how you're accessing your account, we may ask you challenge questions.